How we work

Assessing the commissioned project

In collaboration with the planner or customer, our highly specialized company team studies and develops the most suitable technical solution to make the chosen finished product, for small scale or mass-produced products.

Making prototypes and moulds

The designer or customer’s design stage often ends with making full-scale prototypes. Only later, after appropriate technical details have been agreed, due to quality and production requirements are the moulds made that will allow the idea to take shape. There is an almost infinite choice of design and our willingness to reproduce it is one of OMNITECH’s distinctive strong points.

From the mould to the finished product

Tecnoril® can be moulded, thermo-formed and easily processed. Omnitech moulds 3D objects and 2D sheets in different thicknesses according to requirements. When sheets are thermo-formed, this produces stylistically unique results, creating shaped or rounded pieces without any bonding. Whatever the production process involved, for a 3D mould or 2D thermo-formed sheets, the finished product has one of the most important strengths of Tecnoril®: ductility. In fact, Tecnoril®can be processed using the same tools as for wood, and even any trimming required during installation is no longer a problem.

Geacril® can be moulded and easily processed. It is moulded into 3D shapes or 2D sheets in different thicknesses according to requirements, which can be used to make objects in various shapes and sizes.