Exoneration of liability

The instruction herein, at the date of publication, are the result of laboratory tests for the most common conditions encountered during the practical application of Tecnoril® and Geacril®products, which, nevertheless, might prove to be inadequate for solving problems caused by their improper use. These instructions can be considered valid only under the specified conditions of use. The data provided may not be valid if TECNORIL® and GEACRIL® are combined with other materials or used differently unless this is specifically indicated.

Since Omnitech Srl cannot predict future conditions of use and stresses that the material undergoes, it will not be held liable for the use of information contained herein, which must not be considered as authorisation or instructions to violate any type of regulation, legislation or patent rights.

Under circumstances other than those described, it is advisable to ask the Technical Service Department for information.

Whatever happens, there is nothing that cannot be repaired: TECNORIL® and GEACRIL® can be repaired and restored quickly and easily by a specialized craftsman.