Important features

100% acrylic resin

For its products in Tecnoril®, Omnitech Srl uses a resin that comprises only methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) and polymethyl methacrylate polymer (PMMA), namely, a 100% acrylic resin, characterised by the absence of unsaturated groups C=C in its molecular structure. This gives Tecnoril® its chemical and physical resistance to yellowing, which cannot be achieved with other resins normally used in the Solid Surface field even if acrylic resin is added in various percentages. This product can be entirely restored.

Product fully restorable

Tecnoril® is an ultra-compact and entirely uniform material. Consequently, its surface can be easily restored to its original aspect and colour by using a general detergent for cleaning. Any pronounced damage (e.g. cigarette burns or cuts due to sharp, heavy objects accidentally falling) can be easily removed using a slightly abrasive movement, followed by– in severe cases – surface polishing. Any deep or extensive damage, due to improper use of the material, can be repaired in situ by specialised personnel, without having to replace the product.

Degree of whiteness

High quality alumina trihydrate and specific pigments for Solid Surface give products in Tecnoril®an incomparable degree of whiteness: over 95 on the CIE-Lab colour-scale. This value does not change over time due to its 100% acrylic resin content. The high quality Gelcoat used for its visible surface guarantees a degree of uniform whiteness for products in Geacril®, placing them at the top in their market sector.

Single fusion process

Low-temperature polymerization allows the use of moulds that do not require sophisticated temperature control systems, which means that the design of the moulds is not restricted in size or shape. This allows low-cost design objects to be made in the widest variety of shapes as a single piece, even large. In addition, the product not only has an attractive elegant line, which is typical of a product free from structural discontinuity, but also a uniform colour and mechanical stability over time, which is hard to achieve when the various components of products are bonded or thermo-formed.