Technical specifications

Colour shade and degree of whiteness

All products are subjected to a colour shade test (CIE-Lab colour scale) and the absolute degree of whiteness using UV/Visible spectrophotometric analysis. Continuous monitoring of these parameters during the various stages of production guarantees consistency and uniformity of colour for the finished product, offering customers a product with unaltered and unalterable colour over the years.

Colour shade and degree of whiteness

Whitening test (Boil Test)

A test that checks the degree of variation in colour (white or black for Tecnoril®, white, black and various other colours for Geacril®) as a result of a direct flow of water vapour on a sample surface. The test may last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Ageing test (exposure to light sources)

UNI EN 4892-1

Products are exposed to light sources under controlled conditions for 1,000 -1,200 hours. Tecnoril®, in particular, is extremely resistant to exposure to heat and UV rays: therefore even if it is exposed for long periods to natural or artificial light (shop windows, near windows etc.) it does not turn yellow or alter in colour but retains its original characteristics unaltered over time. Consequently, its performance is highly superior to polyester-based materials, which inevitably tend to turn yellow over time.